“Having this water is a blessing.”

Lamin’s story

Lamin and his family in Touba Wouli have waited for safe and accessible water for decades.

Before 2021, Lamin and his family woke up every morning at six o’clock to complete the kilometer walk to an unprotected spring to collect water for the day. Between walking to the spring and waiting in line, this daily chore took at least an hour and a half - sometimes more. In addition to daily water collection, Lamin’s wife and oldest child spent hours on Saturdays at the spring washing clothes. Lamin told us that, until now, his children “have not really had the time to play and simply be children.”

In 2021, Lamin’s family had tap water installed in their village, as part of the Healthcare Support and Strengthening in The Gambia project. “When I think of having water, it’s like a dream,” Lamin shared. 

His children no longer have to wake up at 6 am to collect water before school. Washing clothes can be done at home. His cows will have enough to drink, which may even increase their milk production. He will have more time to work on the farm. The family’s exposure to water-borne diseases is significantly reduced. 

Lamin’s family is just one of the thousands of families in Touba Wouli whose lives change with the increased availability of a safe, adequate and reliable water supply.

“The tap excites the children so much that whenever I need water, they compete to fetch it for me,” Lamin says. “Having this water is a blessing.”

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