Healthcare Support and Strengthening in The Gambia


Focus Areas

Training community-based health workers and incentivizing them to remain in rural postings

Supplying clean, potable water to rural villages through construction of solar-paneled borehole wells

Improving hygiene and sanitation practices through health behavior change campaign and construction of composting latrines

Project Summary

In 2018, SolHealth partnered with the UB-ONE Foundation and The Gambia Red Cross Society to collaborate on a comprehensive healthcare revitalization project in rural Gambia.

With the endorsement of the Gambian Ministry of Health, the project launched in February 2019 in the two most remote regions of the country - the Upper River Region and Central River Region. The last several years have seen tremendous successes in the communities we have reached through the program. To date, we have achieved the following results: 

  • construction of 5 solar-powered borehole wells in the rural villages of Touba Wouli, Tankongkunda, Sarenyakah, Koronumu Kunda and Jawo Kunda which together provide clean drinking water to over 8,000 rural Gambians.
  • construction of 5 composting latrines in the rural villages of Fatako, Musanding Kunda, Sare Giddeh, Tenegfara and Amdalie which together service approximately 600 rural Gambians. This will help combat the widespread practice of open defecation which leads to numerous preventable infectious diseases.
  • training of two cohort of community health nurses (65 total) at a local school. The first cohort graduated with the highest grades the school has ever seen and both cohorts of newly-qualified nurses have been deployed to rural postings.
  • a comprehensive health behavior change campaign through which over 25,000 rural Gambians across 168 villages learned simple but life-changing sanitation practices that also helped stem the spread of Covid-19.

With these successes, we are now focused on expanding the reach of these interventions and broadening our impact: 

  • four more borehole wells, providing access to clean water for 12,000 more citizens. 
  • incentivization packages for our sponsored community health nurses to encourage them to remain in challenging rural posts and help combat high attrition rates among the rural nurse workforce.

Project Board

Gambian Board of Directors

Our Gambia Board oversees the Healthcare Support and Strengthening in The Gambia (HSSG) project, and ensures it is being implemented in alignment with our values and to the highest standard.

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Stories and Updates

Impact Stories

Inspiring Community Health Nurses in Brikama

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Impact Stories

“Having this water is a blessing.”

Lamin and his family in Touba Wouli have waited for safe and accessible water for decades.

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Impact Stories

“My family and community are now safe from illness caused by consuming unhealthy water.”

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