We help design community-led, evidence-based projects founded on true partnership

We assess all potential projects against four key criteria:


SolHealth and partners must have the resources and expertise needed to achieve our public health goals.


The strategies we implement must be ones that can stand on their own when the project is completed.


Our partners must agree to openly and freely share project methods and outcomes with other organizations looking to replicate or build upon our successes.


We prioritize solutions that can be easily replicated or adapted by other organizations or communities with similar public health needs.

How we work

We follow a collaborative model of engagement guided by community-identified priorities.

Too often, international organizations come in with predetermined notions of what a community needs, based on funder priorities and agendas. 

SolHealth seeks to amplify the voices of local communities, regarding them as equal partners in the process. 

Local entities bring a deep understanding of the population that comes from decades of public health work in the local context. SolHealth regards these entities as important actors in any new public health initiative, drawing from their experience and respecting their guidance.

Establish a partnership with a private or public entity

We work directly with partners on the ground that bring significant experience of public health in the local context. 

Conduct a deep dive into the public health realities of the population

  • Support local communities to articulate their needs and priorities. 
  • Engage local and national stakeholders to understand population needs and challenges from their perspective. 

Consult the relevant medical and scientific literature to determine what the evidence suggests

We ensure that all recommendations are informed by the most current research in the field.

Design culturally-appropriate, evidence-based recommendations

All public health interventions are tailored to suit the cultural context of the populations we serve, and are implemented through local partners to ensure local ownership and sustainability.

Assess the needs and resources of our partners, and determine how we can best support project implementation

We are committed to taking on the most appropriate role according to our partner's needs and resources. 

Whether as fundraisers, consultants, or both, we fill the relevant resource gaps to ensure project success. 

Our Projects

Find out more about our current project and what we’ve worked on in the past.