Healthy Populations Create Thriving Communities

SolHealth designs self-sustaining public health interventions specific to the population being served.

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Empowering communities to enact the change they want to see

From Boston to Banjul, we work in collaboration with local stakeholders.

Our goal? Measurable, transformative health and wellness for the entire community.

How We Work

Harnessing the power of community

to transform health infrastructures and elevate attitudes towards public health.

SolHealth partners with local stakeholders to help deliver critical public health interventions to their populations. 

From the training of community health workers to the construction of clean water wells, our only agenda is to respond to the most pressing needs of the communities we serve. 

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Healthcare Support and Strengthening in The Gambia (HSSG)

In 2018, SolHealth partnered with the UB-ONE Foundation and The Gambia Red Cross Society to collaborate on a comprehensive healthcare revitalization project in rural Gambia.

Your support is powerful — get involved

Whether you are looking for us to partner with you on a project, you’d like to donate, or to volunteer, there are so many ways you can support our mission.


We rely on the generosity of supporters just like you to sustain our work and deepen our impact - every contribution counts.

Start a fundraiser

Consider setting up an online fundraiser to expand your impact and engage your network in raising funds for our work. Contact us for more tips and ideas about how to support us through fundraising.


We maintain a global community of volunteers who donate their time and expertise towards our mission. Volunteers from a variety of professional fields are needed and welcome. 

Become a collaborator

If you would like to propose a project, or if you think your organization would be an asset to a project we are already involved with, share your ideas with us.

Helping our partners build healthier futures

Founded in 2016 by Dr. David Rutstein, former Acting Deputy Surgeon General of the United States, SolHealth mobilizes volunteers from all over the world to eliminate health inequities so people, communities, and economies can thrive.

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Inspiring Community Health Nurses in Brikama

“I am very happy to be a part of this initiative that has closed the gap that my family could not afford.”

Impact Stories

“Having this water is a blessing.”

Lamin and his family in Touba Wouli have waited for safe and accessible water for decades.