“My family and community are now safe from illness caused by consuming unhealthy water.”

Isatou’s story

Isatou Damba is a member of the Touba Wulli community in the Upper River Region. 

Every day, she would wake up around dawn to fetch water from the only available well in the area. Often she would find the well water to be turbid, and on those days would be forced to walk a further distance to a stream to fetch water for drinking, washing, bathing and other domestic purposes. 

She and her children spent most of their time at the stream with their buckets collecting water. “We have been living in this hardship for the past decades, and it has so many negative impacts on our standards of living. My eldest daughter Rohey had to drop out of school. She missed so many classes as she always reaches the school late. She had no other choice but to quit school and stay home to assist me in our vegetable garden and with other household chores.” 

When the borehole well was built in her community, their lives were transformed. “My kids and I no longer worry about waking up as early as 5:00am to fetch water”, says Isatou. “The easy access to adequate, clean water has made it more feasible to maintain a larger garden,” which has increased her family’s access to nutritious, home-grown foods. This has not only improved their health, but also provides an opportunity to earn a living.

“The installation of the borehole is a blessing to the community of Touba Wulli.”

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