A Health and Healthcare Revolution in China, Starting in Shenzhen

Project Summary

In June 2016, SolHealth was invited to assist the Shenzhen Health Bureau to establish a city-wide health promotion and disease prevention campaign.  The campaign consisted of the phased implementation of 39 health-promotion and disease-prevention recommendations.

These evidence-based recommendations were created based on Shenzhen’s stated health priorities as well as thorough research into the city’s health realities and needs. The Health Bureau was free to choose from the 39 recommendations the ones they found most culturally appropriate or feasible to implement.

The Luohu Hospital Group (a government-funded private hospital group), was able to implement 33 of the SolHealth health promotion and disease prevention strategies.

Within 18 months the project was completed, and outcome measures taken every six months conveyed:

  • drastic reduction in hospitalizations, motor vehicle accidents and STDs, 
  • drastic increase in immunization rates in children and adults

The success of the Luohu Hospital Group has been so widely acknowledged that its president, Sun Xizhuo, was invited to Beijing by the national government where his hospital group was lauded as a model for China’s health reform.

SolHealth's effective health promotion and disease prevention strategies have been implemented successfully, and remarkable strides in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention in Shenzhen have been made, with the real potential for further spread. 

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