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Strategic Plan


In 2021, SolHealth engaged in strategic planning to guide our decision-making and resourcing in the present and near-future.

Strategic Position

Rather than competing with large global health organizations, SolHealth contributes to fill an important gap in the global health offerings.

  • Instead of being single issue-focused (e.g. Malaria, HIV), SolHealth works to improve upon health outcomes identified as most important to a specific community, whether those be a reduction in smoking or more access to clean water.
  • Instead of being single population-focused (e.g. maternal health, children with disabilities), SolHealth aims to improve health outcomes that impact the entire community, and initiatives are prioritized according to the needs of beneficiaries.
  • Instead of focusing on cures and treatments for particular illnesses and injuries, SolHealth focuses on community-wide prevention of illness and injury.
  • Instead of working in one location in perpetuity, SolHealth's support is time-bound to ensure local ownership and agency.

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5 SolHealth Strategies for 2022-2024

Increase the number of people in The Gambia who have access to clean water and primary care services.

Measure impact and solidify a hand-off process to ensure sustainability.

Strengthen governance and oversight capacity of The Gambian and U.S. Boards to ensure effective project completion.

Strengthen operational capacity of staff to ensure efficient project management and effective revenue generation.

Financial Details

SolHealth is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

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